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I learnt a big  lesson recently. I boarded a bus to Orile from Eko Hotel Roundabout for N300, and the bus broke down  at Ijora (the driver had to take that route to avoid traffic at Apongbon). We expected a refund of N100 each, because no vehicle will convey you to Orile from there for less than a N100 but the driver insisted on giving us N50. Yawa con gas. Some of the passengers started screaming and cursing the driver yet he maintained his stance. He was screaming and cursing back. 
I expected him to at least plead with his passengers to take the N50 or find an alternative bus for us because obviously it wasn't his making- it was bad business and low 'turn up' for him as well. But no! Uncle was busy vibrating and acting like he was about to pounce on anyone who dares to say another word. Trust Lagos people na, no retreat, no surrender! 
I was calm. I didn't shout- very much unlike me.
This exchange went on for over 15 minutes. I saw that he was resolute on his decision,…


Hello dearests, I came across this on the internet and found it really useful. I hope we learn and apply the tips…
Rong, Wang (2015, June29):
Exposure to cell phone radiation is a constant for most of us.  Our phone is with us all the time and is our connection to the world. Cell phones emit radio-frequency (RF) energy. When you hold your cell phone next to your head or wear it on your body, you can absorb over 50% of the transmitted RF energy. While cell phones bring enormous convenience to our lives, the possible health consequences of exposure to cell phone radiation have aroused considerable public attention and scientific debate. 1. Avoid Body Contact Follow the phone manufacturer’s warnings found in your owner’s manual and avoid using or carrying your cell phone against your head or body at all times.  Most recommend having at least 10mm of space between you and your phone.  That means you shouldn’t keep it in your pocket and women shouldn’t keep it in their bra. 2. Text More Whenever…


Dearests, Mystorymagblog was born out of my passion for story telling. It took me almost all my life and a lot of struggles to finally do this. I have always wanted to write and tell stories about life, just to entertain basically, and also inform, inspire and encourage people. But guess what? I was scared of CRITICISM- DESTRUCTIVE CRITICISM!  I didn't want to be vulnerable; I didn't want people in my space. 

 I have written beautiful pieces in my head but they never found expression on paper. I decided to start this blog and give my dream a leap and I hope I end up posting this - I pray it doesn't end in the trash like the rest of my writings. Once I find the courage to post this, then you all can join this train of unrelenting exciting experience!

This blog aims at entertaining, informing, exposing, and enlightening, while addressing individual, family, and societal issues. Also, there will be some exposition on health matters, nutrition and lifestyle. Realism, humour an…